Decentralized Governance

Vote for our future

You are an integral part of the Morning Moon Village game community. Everyone who owns LUMI tokens will be able to participate in the governance process by voting for new game contents and manage half of the game's pot, which is obtained from taxation and a share of revenue from selling products within the game Players can also choose to vote on new content and systems that want to have in the game. Or set a pattern to buy back LUMI tokens to destroy (burn) or balance the various systems within the game from the DAO management system as well.

Voting rules and procedures

  1. Players can read the offer details and participate in voting at the character Haru.

  2. Players can vote for only 1 option.

  3. Each player has different voting power. Total Voting power is equal to the number of LUMIs players' wallet plus the number of LUMI Stem staked at the Cow-LUMI Farm.

  4. There will be 2 rounds for any voting proposal.

    • Round 1 will be a round where players can freely choose their options and can cancel the vote to get the Voting power back or change the option.

    • Round 2 If the players have not voted in Round 1, they will be able to vote for any of the options in this round. But if a player has already voted for any of the options in Round 1, the player will only be able to add voting power to the original option. Players will not be able to cancel the vote or change their option in this round.

  5. Voting procedures

    1. Players choose the option they want to vote for.

    2. Players choose the amount of voting power they want to use to vote. You cannot enter more than the Total Voting power shown. If the Voting power is more than the number of LUMI Stem staked on the cow farm. LUMIs will be locked in an additional.

    3. Press submit vote and confirm LUMI lock (if any) to finish voting.

  6. During the 1st round of voting, players can return to cancel their vote to get their LUMI back (if they want to change the chosen option, Players must press cancel the vote first and then submit a new vote.)

  7. After the end of the 2nd round of voting, players can return to claim LUMI back (Claim LUMI).

    • When the players press "Claim LUMI", LUMI will be restored, and players will no longer be able to see the options they previously voted on.

  8. When there is a new voting proposal, If the players have not pressed "Claim LUMI", to returns LUMI from the previous vote, players will not be able to vote on new offers.

  9. The opening for voting will be considered successful only when the conditions that make the vote successful are correct and complete.

Proposal for a Vote Resolution

Offers can come in two ways:

  1. Offers offered by the game developer team. This type of offer does not need to go through an offer setting process.

  2. Offers offered by the gamer community. This type of offer goes through a proposal making process and must first receive enough votes from the community. More details will be announced again in the future.

Conditions for a successful vote

Each vote may have different conditions for the implementation of the results. These conditions will be displayed in the details of every vote. If some conditions are not fully met, that vote may be void or will be only partially executed or may not be resumed at all. All voters should study the details and conditions of voting in its entirety before casting a vote.

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