Seed & Stem

Plant Seed & Stem to grow Crops

Seeds & Stems are the property used for farming in order to receive the crops and harvest them for making profit. In addition, seeds and stems are distinct in their properties as well as profitability


Earn various types of seeds just by playing the game! The seeds are used for yield farming your crops without having to invest real money. Seeds have unlimited amounts and can be received for free in game everyday by Exchanging resources with NPC or completing their quests.

Seeds are used to farm in the Seed farm, which provide lower risk and lower return than farming with stems. Seeds cannot be sold and will disappear from the inventory right away after plant. The seeds will be burned immediately, and the farm will record the seeds information within their system and use to calculate the Crops Earned before getting harvested in a few days.

CAUTION! After planting the seeds, the crops will grow and raise their profit over the time BUT they will be rotten right away at the amount of specific time, mostly 48 hours. Make sure they are harvested before getting rotten. The rotten products will be cleared everyday and the profit goes to the Village Pool, which is central pool of Morning Moon Village game.

Available seeds:


Seed Name

Time before the crop gets rotten

Tomato Seed

48 hours

Corn Seed

48 hours

Cabbage Seed

48 hours

Carrot Seed

48 hours

Coffee Seed

48 hours

Fish Food

48 hours

Blueberry Seed

48 hours


Others follow up in the future



Stems are the resources used for long-term farming. The farm for Stems provides higher profitability than seeds, and the crops growth will not be rotten. The products can be kept in the farm as long as a player wants to collect them.

Stems can be achieved by purchasing with Tokens that the game system support in the shop in game. (see the list of available tokens below)

Available Tokens (can be spent for buying stems):

  • KKUB


  • LUMI

  • Others follow up in the future

The concept of Stem farm is the same as Yield Farming in Decentralized Finance that requires the pair of 2 tokens to be added in the liquidity pool, BUT in Morning Moon Village, most of the contracts of the farmland are consist of the pair of LUMI, which is the governance token of this game, and other coin that player select to staking. Therefore, the player only need to trade only one type of Token in the shop and the game system will automatically convert the token into pair of LP Token ready to farm. That is called Stem.

How to Earn Stems

  1. Firstly, you must have the token that will be used for buying stem in your wallet. Then connect the wallet to play game.

  2. Go to the Shop in game and Enter Stem Shop, there will be an options of Stem that you can buy, and the amount of your tokens balance

  3. Choose the Stems that you want to buy, currently there are 3 types of stem options...

    • LKKUB Stem [purchase with KKUB]

    • LKUSDT Stem [purchase with KUSDT]

    • LUMI Stem [purchase with LUMI]

  4. Decide the amount you want to pay your token for the selected Stem, the system will estimated the amount of Stem that you will receive. By estimating, the system already calculated including the amounts converted into pairs with LUMI already.

  5. Click Buy and received the Stem, which is Equivalent to LP-tokens for farming. Now, the players can start farming with the stems you achieved.

CAUTION! There is a risk of investment in stems, which related to price of stem that can be changed depending by Liquidity of each pool. For more information, please see details in the Stem Shop section.


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