Product growth from farm
Crops are the product growth from farming seeds and stem that can be harvest once the crops have been produced. The rate of Crops production come from farm productivity, which depend on the profitability of each farm contract similar to yield-farming system. The crops are valuable asset that can be sold to both NPC shop and In-game marketplace.

Available Crops

0.1 (LUMI)
0.1 (LUMI)
0.1 (LUMI)
0.1 (LUMI)
Tear Drop
0.1 (LUMI)
Coffee Bean
0.1 (LUMI)
Cow Milk
0.1 (LUMI)
Meta Milk
1 Meta
1 Gaia
0.1 (Lumi)
More will follow in the future

Usability of Crops

  1. 1.
    Sell to NPC shop in game for LUMI [Fixed price]
  2. 2.
    Trading with other players.
  3. 3.
    Exchange with NPC for others assets
Typically, all types of crops are valued the same for NPC shop, but there will be some certain quests or activities that are required the particular crops to complete the missions. Therefore, the productivity of the each crops will be different due to the liquidity in each farms. In addition, the crops that are for sale in the in-game marketplace will not be fixed at the same price. The market value of the crops could change over time due to the demand and supply of the players in the market and the sellers may set their custom price.

Rotten Crops

Rotten Crops are the Crops rotten in the seeds farm. This happen after the Crops grown from seeds planted reach its limit at a specific time (mostly 48 hours). Once the Crops are rotten, they cannot be Harvested to sell anymore. Players will need to clear the rotten Crops or let the system automatically clear them out at least once a day. After clearing, the profit from those Crops will be kept in the central pool called "Village Pool"
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