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Morning Moon Village is the single-player game. The Maps and details in the game of each player are different and will be separately created for each account. There are both the main parts that are fixed to be the same creation, and the additional parts that will be randomly spawn.

In Morning Moon World, there are 2 major types of Zones, which are Village Zone and Wild Zone. Each Zone is connected with one another as the figure shown.

Village Zone

In the Village Zone, the details of the Village will be the same for every players and will be fixed since the start of the game. No structures change by the actions of players.

Wild Zone

Wild Zones are the Zone outside the village that is composed of both Fixed Parts and Non-Fixed Parts. The objects in Wild Zones are randomly spawn in each position every time the Wild Zone has been created.

  • Fixed Parts : are the parts that appear the same outlook for every player such as; Landmark, Path, Portal, Natural Map Location like River, Cliff, or Caves. Player do not have control over these objects, they cannot be destroyed or change the location unless there is a special occasion allow players to do.

  • Non-Fixed Parts : are the objects and obstacles randomly spawn in different location of the Maps over the time for each players. For instance; Rocks, Trees, Chest. Most of these objects can be destroyed or removed.

While most of the data and events happened in Wild Zone will be validated on Blockchain, some of the information will be kept off-chain.

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