Talk to villagers to do business with them

What is NPC

NPCs (Non-playable character) are characters who live in the village. Players can talk to them to exchange your assets with them. Each NPC offers different types of exchange options.
Currently, there are 4 NPCs in the village that player can talk to (more will be added in the future)


  • Kyle accept Crops product from players' farm and Treasure NFT, and pay LUMI back to players.
  • All Trades with Kyle are fixed price.
  • Each transaction will deduct 5% of LUMI reward to the Village Pool.

Uncle Jack

  • Uncle Jack accept resources and reward Seeds for particular crop.

The Mayor

  • The Mayor sells NFT for LUMI.
  • Players buy NFT from The Mayor by paying LUMI at the specific cost of item.
  • 10% of The Mayor's sales revenue will be devided to the Village Pool, and the rest will be transered to Developer team.


  • Players can get crafted items from her by giving her the requirement resources.

NPC's Shop Level

Each NPC has their shop level separately. The higher levels, the more and better items will be offered. Players can increase Shop level by keep exchanging with the NPC.
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