Talk to villagers to do business with them

What is NPC

NPCs (Non-playable character) are characters who live in the village. Players can talk to them to exchange your assets with them. Each NPC offers different types of exchange options.

Available NPCs to interact with as follow :



  • Kyle will purchase products from players, including NFTs, and pay as LUMI.

  • Trading with Kyle always has a fixed price.

  • Every transaction with Kyle involves a 5% LUMI fee to the Village Pool.

Uncle Jack

  • Uncle Jack receives various resources from players and rewards them with certain seeds.

The Mayor

  • The Mayor will sell NFTs to players in exchange for LUMI.

  • Players can purchase NFTs from The Mayor with LUMI (each NFTs have a different price)

  • 10% of trading with The Mayor will be divided into the Village Pool, and a budget for the team.


  • Players will receive crafting items from her when they complete the required resources.


  • Augment or upgrade equipment by using Material and LUMI to upgrade according to level.

  • Dismantle equipment for Materials.

  • Crafting other equipment, such as Pickaxe.


  • Crafting Jewels with special abilities using gems and LUMI.

  • Reroll Jewel to change new abilities.


  • Giving NFTs and specified resources for Min-soo to receive eggs which can be hatched into NFTs in various Staking categories.

  • Breeding various staking NFT staking by using LUMI and specified materials.


  • DAO Topic Announcement

  • Players can vote DAO here


  • Sven sell fishing baits and fishing rod in LUMI.

  • Players can sell fish they catch to Sven in exchange for Fish Food and stake them in the Fish Pond.


  • Mr.Wang sells Bingo cards to players as in LUMI

  • Bingo announcement


  • Players can exchange materials for random companion boxes.

  • Players can deposit unused companion for resources.


  • Players can customize hairstyle and face here


  • Players can trade products from factory farms for home decorations.


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NPCs' Location in Wildzones

  • Town Square

  • Village

NPC's Shop Level

Each NPC has their shop level separately. The higher levels, the more and better items will be offered. Players can increase Shop level by keep exchanging with the NPC.

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