Features of Characters


In Morning Moon Village, player can collect their digital asset in game, and in order to obtain the items, a character of player is needed to be created for travelling and adventuring in the world of the game. However, a character itself are not the valuable asset. Indeed, it is the representative of the player who do the works in the village and can be equipped with some types of items providing special abilities to increase the opportunity to play per day.

Characters can be equipped with the gears in game, which are NFT. There are two types of NFT assets that can be equipped by a character, “EQUIPMENTS” and “COSMETICS”. These NFTs are provided with the ability to increase your energy, or reduce the need of energy use in each activities in game.

For more information about the energy, please see the energy section.


These NFT can be obtained by discovering the gift boxes, completing the quest or purchase from NPC in games, opening chest in Wild zone, and purchasing through in-game marketplace.


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