Player Goals

Expected activities that players do in order to earn profit.

In Morning Moon Village, the simply Goal for players is to raise profit earn in the game by playing the activities in game. In order to increase the amount of reward earned, there is two objectives that players will do :

Hunting for limited NFT

Across the village of Morning Moon and its surrounding is an extensive area filled with numerous resources and encounters to be explored. Players can freely roam around the town, interact with objects, talk to NPCs, explore the wilderness, cut trees, collect stones, and mine ores. You may come across rare chests or mystery boxes during your exploration which may reward you with new equipment and rare NFTs.

NFTs come with a wide range of abilities. Some might improve your energy consumption and allow you to do more throughout the day, and some might be able to produce crops for you without the need to stake any seeds or tokens. While common NFTs can be easily found by everyone, those powerful NFTs can only be obtained via specific NPC’s recipes which require resources and material NFTs to be completed. They will also be limited, meaning that only the first few players who accumulate enough resources will be awarded.

Compete to be the ruler of each crop

By exploring the map and collecting NFTs, players will progressively build their advantage in farming crops over the others. To encourage the competition, there will be a leaderboard system where all crops awarded to players are tracked in real-time. And every lunar phase (approximately 30 days) on the full moon day, a player who farms the most amount of each crop will receive one-of-kind NFT with their alias inscribed on it. The runner-ups will also receive some rewards.

While an NFT is staked, it will slowly lose durability depending on how many crops have been produced under its effect. Once the durability reaches zero the effect will stop and it will need to be repaired in order to regain the effect again. Repairing will cost some resources which can only be acquired by playing. The idea is to grant benefits to players who spend the most time playing the game.

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