The Village

Welcome to the Village, have a conversation with our villagers.

What is the Village

Village is the starting point of the game that will be the same for every players and where is things get gathered. After finishing the character creation, the players will begin at their home, which is located in Morning Moon Village. The detailed and Infrastructures of the village will be the same for all players unless a player does an interaction with objects in the village that change their home / village details.
The Village is the center of the game-world map and is connected each direction of Wild Zone.
*Graphic & Contents are not final.

What to do in the Village

In the village, there are objects to interact with in order to activate the activities or transactions including players house, farming area, marketplace, and NPC of the village.
In Morning Moon Village, NPC are made for doing business with a player. Most of primary functions and features are done in the village, except some of main quests that are required the travelling to an outside of the village. The Village indeed, is a safe zone for players that the map details are fixed, and no energy is required for living and farming in the village.
*Graphic & Contents are not final.
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