Target Audience

Who will play this game?

The Game for Defi users and gamers

Morning Moon Village is not just a game for blockchain players, but it is a game for a large global audience and general players. By combining Defi Yield Farming and NFT gaming together, we create a unique enjoyable experience for all the defi users and gamers around the world. In addition, the game must also has the profitability, so players can invest their time and money, and convert them to be valuable assets with real ownership. Absolutely no knowledge about cryptocurrencies is required. A much bigger audience than previously seen in the field of blockchain gaming, and an associated larger opportunity for revenues.

We have made an analysis of the target market of the references/inspiration games as below.

Target by



18 - 40 years old


Pending ( Target for Everyone age - rating)


Male - 40% / Female 60%

Gamer Type

Casual and Mid-core


Defi, NFT, Yield-Farming, Blockchain Game, Stardew Vally, Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, My Neighbor Alice

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