Sustainable Tokenomics


Our goal is to create the game with sustainable Tokenomics for long term profitability for players and all the LUMI holders, and having fun with game mechanic at the same time.

Every LUMI token holder will benefit from the growth of Morning Moon Village.

In Morning Moon Village, players will spend time for playing game in 2 main parts, which are competing in collecting crops (Farming Game), and explore Wild zone to discover NFT (NFT Hunting Game). The reward from playing are acquiring LUMI and the Rare NFT with High value. Through the gameplay, players will have many chances to exchange in-game assets via NPC, Shop, and in-game marketplace. These transactions will provide the revenue to the central fund, called Village Pool.

Village Pool will be divided into 2 sub pools, which are LUMI Reward Pool and Governance Pool.

  1. LUMI Reward Pool

    • 50% of the Village Pool will stand by to be reward of players who stake LUMI.

  2. Governance Pool

    • 50% of the Village Pool goes to decentralized governance fund and will be used for future projects.

The amount of LUMI in Village pool comes from the amounts of tax and fees collected from these transaction.

  • Sell Crops, NFT [5% tax]

  • Rotten Crops collected

  • Fishing Bait Sales [10% of Sales]

  • In-Game assets Sales [10 % of Sales ]

  • In-game marketplace (P2P) [5% Tax]

  • Lottery Sales [10% of Sales]

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