Goal & Inspiration

Business Goal of this Project

Main Idea

Play to earn game is becoming massively popular in Blockchain market, but there is no game that is free to play without paying Gas fee yet. Therefore, the accessibility to general gamers around the world is still not easy and the fact that paying Gas fees every transaction limit the user experience. That is why we decide to create the Block Chain game that players can start playing without having these obstacles. Morning Moon Village will bring the joy of Yield Farming, which is one of popular DAPP in Defi World to the game with the combination of special NFTs making the Yield Farming more enjoyable. In game, players must travel to explore the world and discover NFTs in game in order to raise the ability of Characters and efficiency in doing Yield Farming.


Create a Yield-Farming Game that is open for players to compete by farming with the following objectives:

  1. Create the entertaining Blockchain Game with real "fun" experience that is profitable for players by investing time.

  2. Making investment become an entertainment with the mechanism of nowaday PC game and Mobile game.

  3. Making Yield-Farming more ease of understanding and accessibility in Mass market without the requiremnet of initial investment.

  4. Create the game with sustainable Tokenomics for long term profitability for all the holder.


Morning Moon Village is the game that allow players to earn profit back in the system of Yield-Farming, and create entertaining gameplay of strategic planning. The idea come from these platform:

Defi Platform - PancakeSwap, Alpha Finance, ApeSwap Game - Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons

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