Gift Box

Open Mystery Box to earn reward

What is Gift Box

Gift Box is the box that randomly gives in-game assets. There are many types of Gift Box, and they have their own reward pool.

Example of Gift Box

  • Morning Moon Box contains various type of assets including Equipment NFT, Consumable NFT, Resources, Crops, and LUMI.

  • Gemstone Box contains Treasures, which are NFT in different rarity

  • Wild Zone Only Gift Box contains Resources, Consumable NFT, and others.

How to earn Gift Box

  • Open Chest in Wild Zone

  • Reward from completing Quest

  • Buy from NPC

  • ETC.

Wild-zone only Gift Box

The Gift Box that drops only in Wild Zone. Player needs to explore the Wild Zone and look for them. In each area is located with limited number of boxes containing different assets.

Limited Gift Box

Limited Gift Box is the Gift Box that has limited amount and has a chance to drop Limited NFT.

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