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What is Morning Moon Village?

Morning Moon Village is an RPG Defi yield-farming game with 3D graphics and NFT reward-based gameplay. Players explore the fruitful land of Morning Moon, discover dozens of resources and NFT, and leverage them in the farming process.

When will Morning Moon Village be released?

The game will be available for early access with farming and staking game features in Mid-September 2021. The full game will be released in Q1 2022.

What is the gameplay?

You are a villager of Morning Moon. You love to do farming, exploring, and helping people. Your goal is to hunt for NFTs, use them to boost up your farm, and become the top player on the leaderboard.

Do I need to download the game?

No. Morning Moon Village will be playable directly via major web browsers. No download and installation are required.

What is different about Morning Moon Village?

Morning Moon Village is a full 3D Gamified project that boosts up the NFT yield-farming process with game mechanics. Players with less staked value can potentially earn more rewards than those who staked more by clever uses of NFTs.

How do I get LUMI and NFTs from the game?

There are many ways you can earn LUMI and NFTs from the game: by farming, fishing, opening chests, staking tokens, trading crops, etc.

What can I do with the LUMI token?

LUMI is the native utility token and main currency in the game. It can be used to buy many things such as NFT, crop, resource, lottery ticket, and fishing bait. You can also stake LUMI to earn more LUMI and participate in the governance process.

Will I need to have cryptocurrency to play the game, and pay the gas fee?

No. If you play the game with the Bitkub Next wallet, you will receive a free gas fee quota that allows you to play the game without the need of cryptocurrency.

Will I need to have cryptocurrency to do yield farming and earn NFTs?

No. By playing the game, you will earn various types of seeds and NFTs that can be used for yield farming your crops.

Where can I sell Morning Moon Village NFTs?

NFTs in Morning Moon Village are crypto assets. You can sell them at an in-game marketplace or any NFT marketplace on the internet.

Will LUMI be exchangeable on DEX and CEX?

Yes. LUMI will be exchangeable on in-game shop when the game is released. For DEX and Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, please wait for more updates from our team. 😎

What is KKUB?

KKUB token is Wrapped Project of KUB in the standard of KAP-20 using for other purposes beyond CEX, including DEX and investment in Morning Moon Village game. KKUB and KUB's prices are 1:1. Bitkub Chain

How to earn KKUB?

For Morning Moon player, you can use KUB to play game, the game will auto convert token when a player make a transaction. Another method is to swap token in DEX. Bitkub Chain

How to start playing?

After the game is launched, players can connect Bitkub Next wallet, and Metamask Wallet to start playing the game through web browser.

What is Bitkub Next?

New Digital Wallet of Bitkub chain, which require mobile phone number for verification. Bitkub Next is not completed yet but is developing.

What is Multi account and BOT policy?

Morning Moon Village currently allow players to play more than one account, but we will investigate whether there is a malicious action or not. BOT are restricted for both gaming and trading.

How to star farming in game?

The detail of farming-game has been released and players can follow these steps to start farming. Farm

Can I mint NFT?

Players cannot mint NFT by themselves, but can discover the NFTs provided by game by playing game.

What is the spec for devices to play in Early Access?

The spec is not confirmed yet, please wait for the announcement after the game testing.

What is Early Access?

Early Access is the first version of game released in order to let players start playing. However, players will experience only 20% of game's full plan. The game will be updated later, but there will not be any reset, early access player can start collect their assets right away.

Is Morning Moon Village a multiplayer game? / Can I show my NFTs to other players?

Currently, Morning Moon Village is a single player game. In the future will be the features that allow players to show and see NFTs.

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