Key item for exploring Wild Zone

What is Lodestone?

Lodestone is the item that players need to use as payment to entry Wild Zone. Player needs to spend 1 Lodestone every time you want to leave the Village to the Wild Zone. When Lodestone left to 0, player cannot leave the village.

How to earn Lodestone?

  • Automatically receive one from the system after reaching particular time. Primary is 1 piece in every 2 hours.

  • The maximum number of Lodestone that can be collected is limited. [Shown in World Map]

  • Use Consumable NFT to earn Lodestone.

Red Lodestone

What is Red Lodestone ?

Red Lodestone is a special Lodestone used to enter the Wild Zone as same as normal Lodestone. It will not be used if there are still normal Lodestones remaining. Players can keep them to use when needed. Red Lodestone cannot be traded.

Where to find Red Lodestone ?

Players can receive Red Lodestone in two ways:

  1. Players can buy in Shop Lodestone with has two prices: 0.99 KUSDT will get 60 Red Lodestone or buy with Egg product for

  2. Players can get more from Verify By Subscription. Every time the player Verifies by Subscription, they will receive Red Lodestone as well, which will be given according to the amount of time of the Subscription. 30 days get 30 Red Lodestone 90 days get 90 Red Lodestone 180 days: get 180 Red Lodestone

All players can hold maximum 9,999 red lodestones.

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