Energy systems

What is Energy

Energy is an unit that is used for execute some actions in Wild Zones such as Cutting Trees, Collecting Resources, and Opening Chest. The game use the system of Energy to control the amount Wild Zone Exploration per day.

Not only executing the actions that consume energy, there is Traps in game randomly spawn in the Wild Zone when the area got created. If the players encounter the Traps in Wild Zone, their energy will decrease as well.

Base Energy of every players is 100 units

How to Increase Energy

  • Auto Regeneration and start with Max energy every time a player start a new adventure.

  • Consume NFT in consumable category to regenerate energy while being in Wild Zone

How to Increase Capability of using Energy

  • Some of the NFTs (mostly the Equipment type) can be equipped to make your character has better energy consumption, for example:

    • Bone Axes reduce the energy use for cutting a tree.

    • Adventurer's Cloak reduce the energy use for every action in game.

    • ETC.


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