Mini Game : Grasshopper


Join the fun of catching grasshopper and farming them to recieve crops by your familiar way!

How to Catch Grasshopper

Players can catch grasshoppers in the Wild Zone. Grasshoppers will randomly spawn in every area that isn't a mine. The chance of grasshoppers spawning is 7%. If players do not verify their account, grasshoppers will not be found in all wildzones as same as flowers.

When the players encounter grasshoppers in the wildzone, click at the grasshopper and the percentage of chance to catch the grasshopper will be appeared (Chance), showing which way the grasshopper will jump to. the players must choose which path will the grasshopper jump.

  • If correct guessing, Players will receive a Grasshopper as a reward.

  • In the case of a wrong guessing, grasshoppers will attack the player. The damage caused by this grasshopper cannot be subtracted or supplemented by other equipment and stats. Then the grasshopper will immediately disappear.

To catch a grasshopper ,players must have at least 10 Energy. Grasshopper can be collected to the maximum 60 Grasshoppers. If player catch more than that, the system will not add more grasshoppers, as same as the limiting of other resources held to a maximum of 9,999.

Gold Grasshopper

Golden Special Bonus Grasshopper Obtained from randomly catching grasshoppers. The golden grasshopper has its own value and can be sold at Kyle for 10 Lumi (cannot be used for farming)

  • Every time you catch a grasshopper, there is a 2% chance of getting a gold grasshopper.

  • Limited to 1,000 gold grasshopper per month.

Grasshopper farm and produce

Players can place captured grasshoppers into both types of Grasshopper farms, which will produce Adult Grasshopper.

Adult Grasshopper can be sold at Kyle for 0.1 Lumi. (1 Adult Grasshopper : 0.1 LUMI)

Caution: Both types of Grasshopper farms have a harvest time of 48 hours, just like other resource farms. If the player does not harvest in the specified time period, the produce will spoil and cannot be returned.

Buff increases efficiency in catching grasshoppers.

To catch grasshoppers even better than before, The game will have services to help in catching grasshoppers. There will be 4 types:

1. Storage Box Buff

  • Increased the maximum number of collectable grasshoppers from 60 to 120.

  • Every time you succeed in catching a grasshopper, you will receive an additional Grasshoppers from 1 to 2 (do not effect on receiving gold grasshoppers).

2. Bug Cather Buff

  • Increased the chance of getting a gold grasshopper, when successfully capturing a grasshopper from 2% to 5%.

3. Hand Net Buff

  • Increased chance of successfully capturing Grasshoppers from 10%-20% to 50%-80%.

4. Pheromone Buff

  • Increases the chance of finding grasshoppers in the forest from 10% to 30%.

All buffs will be in the form of a subscription. Once purchased, they will be effective for a period of time starting at 7 days.

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