Fishing to find more assets


Fishing is the Mini Game that let player play to earn a random reward from a specific pool. The loots from Fishing could be any assets from some trash to valuable fish. Each pool required different Baits to start fishing and have difference chances of getting reward. The success rate of fishing depends on players' performance on this Mini Game.

Fishing Rods and Bait

Fishing rods and bait are essential equipment used in fishing. Each rod and bait have different stats. The higher the rarity, the higher stats as well. The various stats of fishing gear are as follows.

  • 📌Attraction = Fish attraction. Increased the fishing limit to get more rare fish.

  • 📌Control = Fishing rod control. Added hook controls to make getting less easy to find fish.

  • 📌Durability = Durability of the Fishing rod. Indicates that how many times you can use the rod in 1 time of your entrance.

  • 📌Control Bonus = Fishing rod Control Bonus. Added a special Control Bonus for each type of water source.

  • 📌Value Bonus = Fish Size Bonus. Added a bonus to get bigger fish for each water

Players can buy fishing rods and bait from the NPC Sven in the village.

Augment and Dismantle Fishing Rod

Players can higher their fishing rod stats and abilities by using the equipment Augment. Players will need to collect all the materials and bring them to an augment at the Blacksmith character (NPC Joe). Players can also dismantle fishing rods and use the materials they have obtained.

Fishing Rewards

The rewards players will get from fishing are not only different kinds of fish, but players may also get Glass Bottles, Enhance Ingredients, Ozzy Egg Ingredients, Other Rare Items. or even garbage.

  • Fish - Water resources in the game are divided into 4 main types: River, Sea, Lake and Poisonous Pond (There will be more in the future), with different fish inhabitants in each water source. Every fish has a different size, rarity and value. The higher the value, the more fish food you can sell and get back.

  • Garbage - Garbage is an item that the player cannot use for other purposes. Apart from selling to exchange for Fish Food only

  • Materials - Players can obtain various materials by fishing. These materials can be used to augment fishing rods, to craft other items, or to mix into living creature eggs.

  • Other Special Rare Items - In some seasons, players may obtain rare items with different abilities. It may also be redeemed for Partner Rewards, which are exclusive, limited rewards for that season.

Fish Food

Fish Food is a digital token that players receive in return for selling fish to merchants. the higher fish level will have higher value which will be given higher amount of Fish Food. Players can bring Fish Food to feed the fish in their own fishpond.


Fish Pond is a farm that has the same mechanism as Seed Farm. The fishpond will produce a token called GILL. The fish food will be active for approximately 48 hours before it expires. Players must harvest the produce within this period. Otherwise, all the produce will be spoiled and transferred to the Village Pool where the player will no longer be able to harvest again. If the produce has been harvested, this productivity period will end immediately.

While the fish food has not yet expired, if players add more fish food to the fishpond, the system will harvest the produce and reset the amount of Fish Food automatically.(Players can't add fish food to compound the old amount)


Gill is a product obtained from fish farming. It can be used to buy fishing equipment or exchanged for LUMI through the store. The exchange rate is not fixed and determined by the Automated Market Maker system (Players can also exchange LUMI for GILL through AMM).

Leaderboards and Seasonal Rewards

Once a player has harvested a GILL from a fishpond, the amount of GILL harvested will be recorded as the player's cumulative score on the fishpond leaderboard. If a player has accumulated a high certain score till the end of the season. Players will receive rewards as the following items.

  1. Seasonal Rewards - 50% of the GILL used by all players to buy fishing lures will be accumulated as the prize of the season. This will be awarded to players who are placed on the Fish Pond ranking board as many as the percentage of the player's rank.

  2. Leaderboard Event Rewards - These are the same type as other Farm Leaderboard events, such as the limited edition NFT.

  3. Other Special Rewards - These are exclusive Partner rewards that will be awarded to the winners on the leaderboard. Or might be a seasonal reward to promote the competition.

pageFishing Reward

How to go fishing

  1. Travel to fishing spots, located in different Wild zones (each fishing spot has different rewards for players. Depending on the type of water source)

  2. Walk into the fishing spot and press the “Fishing” button that appears above the character.

  3. Choose the fishing rod and bait you want to use. (Can be purchased from the NPC Sven character in the village)

  4. Press the “Cast” button to throw the bait and start fishing. (Need energy to start)

  5. When a fish is hooked, the bait will swing. Players must press “Pull” button within the time limit to retrieve the hook in time. These will be the possible following outcomes:

    • Success - The used fishing bait will disappear. Players will lose energy costs and receive the items (The energy required varies amount, depending on the rarity of the items that will be dropped.)

    • Fail - Due to the player can't pull the hook back in time or insufficient energy, players will not lose their fishing bait.

  6. Players can press the “Cast” button to continue the next round. Or swap equipment.

Token Ecosystem

All rewards from the fishing system will be allocated as follows:

  1. Tax will be collected into the village pool according to the Tokenomic of the game.

  2. Prize Pool is the seasonal reward money which will be shared from income of the sale fishing lures sale of that season.

  3. Dev & Ecosystem is the income of developers and partners that promote the season. The system will collect this income as KUSDT.

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