Explore the Wild Zone to earn Epics NFTs.

What is Wild Zone

Wild Zones are the Zones that is connected to the outside of Home / Village Zone. In order to enter the Wild Zone, players need to pay energy as a fee for creating the Zone. The layout of Wild Zones, will be the same every time created, but the objects and detailed of the maps will be different in each time and will be reset after every time the Zone is closed or disappear.

Wild Zone in each location of the world will be built with different characteristics, such as; Topography, and assets that can be found there.

Roaming in the Wild Zone

Some Wild Zones are connected to the another Wild Zones. When a player create the new zone, these zones are connected each others from the beginning. Therefore, the player will be able to travel through these zone for free without paying more energy.

Managing your energy

In the Wild Zones, there are objects that the players can interact with, but required the use of energy. The time that a character is in Wild Zone, the players energy will not be regenerated. However, there are many valuable assets to be discovered, and they are worth the time spending. Players can consume some assets to gain more energy as well.


The assets that can be found in Wild Zones are:

  • Resources

    • Located within the map and can be collected by complete the action that cost energy such as cutting trees, collecting flowers, breaking rock, and etc.

    • The resources are the necessary materials that in needed for completing the main quest or trading with NPC.

  • Breakable Objects

    • The obstacles that are block the ways, which can be destroyed but cost energy

    • They will randomly respawn in the map and randomly give some assets after being destroyed

    • Example : Box, Barrel, ETC.

  • Chest

    • Randomly spawn in the Wild Zone

    • Give a random NFT, Crop, LUMI, resource, or Gift Box to a player after open it.

  • Traps

    • Deduct Player's energy when contact

      • Muddy Ground : Slow down the Character when step on this area, making Players spending more Energy or get more actions to do.

      • Spike Trap : Immediately destroy Player's energy as much as the spike units hit.

      • ETC

  • More will follow in the future.

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