Official Game Marketplace

Trade in Marketplace


Apart from trading with NPC, there are some types of assets that player can buy or sell in the official game Marketplace. In this market, players are allow to buy and sell game items with LUMI.

The official game marketplace is developed and operated by our partner, Megaland, and designed by the development team of Morning Moon Village.

Assets that can be listed on the official game Marketplace

  • Seeds

  • Crops

  • NFTs

  • To be updated in the future

Some of the above assets may not be able to be listed on the marketplace at launch. The marketplace capability will be updated in the future along with the game development

Asset's Price

The price of assets listed on this market are set as custom price by the seller. Therefore, some assets can be more valuable than selling to NPC, but the price could be vary and change depending on Demand and Supply in the market.


5% LUMI will be deducted on each sales as tax paying to Village Pool.

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