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Ozzy Ozzy

Ozzy Ozzy : The Fatty Tadpole NFT-Staking
What is Ozzy Ozzy?
A new form of NFT that can be used for farming and fertilizing a new one. When planted, they will be displayed as cute 3D characters. There are a total of 27,000 unique characters which only 2412 will be sold first on
What is it for?
Ozzy Ozzy can be used as a Profile Picture on Bitkub NEXT, farming and breeding for a new one in Morning Moon Village. (Farming system will launch on September 29, breeding system will launch later).
The difference between Ozzy Ozzy and Logky-Logky
Ozzy Ozzy is a NFT from Morning Moon Village which is for LKKUB Stem Farm while Logky-Logky is for LKUSDT Stem Farm
Moreover, Ozzy Ozzy can be used for staking in special farm "BUBBLE-LKKUB-NFT Farm" and get Bubble as a reward for trading in-game items.
What is the Ozzy Ozzy identification number for?
These numbers are a genetic number indicating different parts, and their level of rarity. It also define Ozzy Ozzy's farming StakePower. Each digit can be 6 types: 0-5. Breeding will also use this set of numbers to be considered as well.
How many is Ozzy Ozzy?
There are 27,000 Ozzy Ozzy which can be separated into 2 types: 4,500 Breeder stock and 22,500 normal Ozzy Ozzy.
Where to find Ozzy Ozzy?
Players can buy at every Tuesday and Friday till September 2, a total of 2,412 Ozzy Ozzy.
After that Ozzy Ozzy can be crafted from a Ozzy Egg with Min-Soo. Ozzy Ozzy from Ozzy Egg will provide only Common and Rare level of rarity while Epic level and above (Breeder) can be obtained only by breeding.
What is the difference between the breeder and the normal one?
Every breeder has a unique pattern with Rainbow frame and can be bred with normal ones. There are only 4,500 breeders in the game, divided into 3,750 Epic Level (Last 2 Digits is duplicate), 625 Legendary Level (Last 3 Digits is duplicate), and Relic Level (Last 4 Digits is duplicate). High levels can only be obtained by breeding.
The normal one is unlimited. There are 2 levels of their rarity, Common and Rare, less farming power than the breeder. The normal one will be lost when breeding, while the breeder is remain.
How to use Ozzy Ozzy for farming?
Ozzy Ozzy is an NFT that can be staked with a V.2 farm in Morning Moon Village. Each Ozzy Ozzy has a different StakePower. 1 StakePower will be considered as 1 Stem Farm power. The more StakePower, the larger the provider of the crops.
Each V.2 farm can support up to 5 NFT stakes. Players must level up the farm, starting from LV.1, will support 1 NFT, all the way to LV.5 in order to for staking 5 NFTs.
StakePower of Ozzy Ozzy
Ozzy Ozzy has 4 kinds of StakePowers, each Ozzy Ozzy has a maximum of 3 kinds StakePowers.
  1. 1.
    TOMATO-LKKUB-StakePower for staking in TOMATO-LKKUB or BUBBLE-LKKUB-NFT.
  2. 2.
    CORN-LKKUB-StakePower for staking in CORN-LKKUB or BUBBLE-LKKUB-NFT.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    CARROT-LKKUB-StakePower for staking in CARROT-LKKUB or BUBBLE-LKKUB-NFT.

StakePower Calculation

StakePower will be high or low will be calculated from total score of each parts, rarity score, and matched score. The scores in these 3 parts are the information that is embedded in the NFT
NFT Ozzy Ozzy Chacteristics
Each Ozzy Ozzy consists of 6 parts, each part has 5 types, which are represented by a 6-digit identification number. Each digit representing a different part: trunk (hundred thousand), faces (ten thousand), water (thousand), Flowers (hundred), left leaf (ten), right leaf (digit)
Ozzy Ozzy's rarity depends on the duplicated number.
Rarity level
Breeder (Limited)
ID number
Frame colour
Last 4 digit is duplicate.
Last 3 digit is duplicate.
Last 2 digit is duplicate.
Fully complete all parts.
Brown Yellow
Partially complete some parts.
Brown Yellow


Ozzy Ozzy has the same Breeding Pattern and Rules as Logky-logky. It can be bred at NPC Min-Soo. Breeding requires 2 Ozzy Ozzy with a certain number with Breeding Elixir and LUMI. Players will get 1 new Ozzy Ozzy as result.
Breeding Pattern
Can be divided into two types: 1, 2 normal breeding, after breeding, both inbreeding will disappear. The breeding will cost Breeding Elixir and fixed LUMI. 2, Normal breeding with mother breeder, after breeding, the normal breeder will disappear while the breeder will stay but will increase Atrophy by 1. The breeding cost number of Breeding Elixir and LUMI that increase with the Atrophy. (All breeders have Atrophy starting at 0) *Note: 2 mother breeder cannot be bred.
Breeding Rules
Ozzy Ozzy has a 6-digit Trait Code that determines its appearance and rarity. For the result of the breeding, each digit is randomly selected from the numbers in that digit of the two breeder combination. For example, a combination of Trait Code #430214 and #134422 will have a chance of getting a result as below...
Number in each digit
Breeder 1
Breeder 2
4 or 1
0 or 4
2 or 4
1 or 2
4 or 2
The random rules are as follows.
1. If the numbers in one position are not equal, the probability of choosing a number depends on the distance between the two numbers, and the numbers that are adjacent (eg. 4 and 5, 0 and 1) have a 50% : 50% chance of being drawn. If the two numbers are more further from each other. Numbers with higher values have a 10% decrease chance of being drawn per each greater distance of the numbers.
Distance between each numbers in the digit
Chance to randomly get a higher number or matches with last number of the mother breeder
Chance to randomly get a lower number or unmatched with last number of the mother breeder
** There is an exception of the random rules: breeding by mother breeder, If the number of possible outcomes in the last 4 digits matches the last digit of the mother breeder, the chance of getting that random number will be reduced. Instead of reducing the chance of a higher number.
For example, by breeding Trait Code #511522 and #124231, The first one is a mother breeder with number 2 as last digit. The result of number in XXX digit will be 5 = 70% and 2 = 30%. Even Though 2 is lower than 5 but 2 matches with last digit of the mother breeder.
2. After the chance of random numbering in each digit as the rule 1, the system will calculate the probability of getting a random result in every possible Trait Code. If there is a mother breeder among the number of possible outcomes, the chance of obtaining a mother breeder is reduced according to their Rarity level as below.
Rarity Level of Mother breeder
Chance reduced
For example, after the calculated from rule 1, there is 21.5% chance to get Trait Code #450333, this chance will be reduced to 8.6% due to #450333 is a Legendary mother breeder.
3. After all possible Trait Code chances have been calculated, the system will check to see if there are any mother breeder trait codes that has already been occupied and remove that Trait Code from the final possible result, (Due to 2 Mother breeders cannot have the same Trait Code) then calculate the last possible outcome Trait Code for players.
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