Mini Game : Bingo Party

Join & Win Bingo Jackpot!


Participate in the bingo competition to win prizes from the Prize Pool (total prize money) and exclusive prizes. Players can join Bingo Party twice a month. If no one wins big prizes in that round, the rest will be carried over to the prize pool for the next round.

Mr. Wang

NPC for joining Mini Game

Bingo Cards

All players can join Bingo Party event by purchasing a bingo card from Mr.Wang for 10 Lumi. Every LUMI from selling Bingo cards will be 90% added to the total prize money, 9% to the developer's system operation fee, and 1% to the village pool. Each card has 24 numbers in a 5x5 grid with a free square in the middle.

Results announcement

The Bingo Party mini game will announce each number at the same time (These will be same set of numbers). The system will randomly draw 32 numbers from a given Seed, allowing everyone to see which cards will win (Bingo row) and how many Bingo row (separately for each card) The bingo winning rules and rewards are as follows.

Bingo Winning Rules

  • Get numbers arranged in any vertical row

  • Get numbers arranged in any horizontal row

  • Get numbers arranged in any diagonally way.

Bingo Reward

Winning cards receive new crop: Chestnut equal to their share of the prize pool, at a rate set for the number of bingos on that card divided equally by all other cards that have the same amount of bingo:

  • A card that gets 1 Bingo wins 38% of the total prize pool.

  • A card that gets 2 Bingo wins 28% of the total prize pool.

  • A card that gets 3 Bingo wins 18% of the total prize pool.

  • A card that gets 4 Bingo wins 11% of the total prize pool.

  • A card that gets 5 Bingo wins 5% of the total prize pool.

Example of reward calculation

Ex. Player A buys 3 Bingo Cards and has a total prize pool of 100 LUMI.

  • All players on the server have won 1 Bingo = 10 cards and 2 Bingo = 1 card.

  • Player A have won 1 Bingo = 1 card and 2 Bingo = 1 card.

Player A will get reward as:

(Prize Pool * percentage of prizes)/ total number of cards with same amount of Bingo in 1 card.

  • Winning card with 1 Bingo is equal to (100* 38%)/ 10 = 3.8 Lumi = 38 Chestnut

  • Winning card with 2 Bingo will equal (100* 28%)/ 1 = 28 Lumi = 280 Chestnut

  • Player A's total winnings will be 31.8 Lumi = 318 Chestnut.

Chestnut Reward

The initial prizepool is added from the team each round. This allows players to win more prizes overall every round, until only 5 or more bingo jackpots are released then the prizepool will be reset.

If in that round there is a Jackpot Bingo of 5 rows or more, the team will add the Prizepool as the default Bonus to the player. The additional amount will be announced once the Prizepool has been reset.

Special Prizes and Shop

When a player wins Bingo, they will be able to receive the reward from Mr.Wang immediately, the reward will be Chestnut

Players can sell Chestnuts to Kyle as Lumi or trade for exclusive rewards from the Special Shop.

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