Explore Awesome NFTs in game

What is NFT

The word NFT stand for Non-Fungible Token. This type of asset have their own identity in each single token. In marketplace, NFTs have value and are tradable by transferring the ownership from one person to another. Nevertheless, it is a little bit different in online games, each NFTs have value because of their attribute in game and can be traded through the standard that the game support.

NFT in Morning Moon Village

Morning Moon Village is an official game on Bitkub Chain and the standard for NFTs in this game is KAP-721 of BITKUB Chain. NFTs in the game can be traded on both in-game marketplace and any NFT marketplace on the internet. Each of NFT contain their unique attributes and abilities and that is why NFT are valuable and have sufficient demand to run the market.

In Morning Moon Village, their are currently 7 types of NFT in game, and could be more in the future.

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