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A User Manual for Early Access version


Register for Bitkub NEXT or Metamask wallet.

  • If you use Bitkub NEXT, you can start playing the game without to pay gas fee. (Require Thailand's Mobile Phone Number for KYC)

  • If you use Metamask you will need KUB for gas fee.

  • KUB / KUSDT will be used for buying LUMI and Stem in the game

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1. How to Login to game

You can choose to log in with Metamask or Bitkub Next Wallet

  1. Choose Wallet to connect

3. In case of using Metamask, please select Bitkub Chain Mainnet first.

👉👉👉 How to Add Bitkub Chain Mainnet and connect with you Metamask

4. Press "Sign in" on Metamask plugin window.

5. For Bitkub Next User, the game will let you log in to the Wallet first.

2. Character Creation

You can create your character only once when first login to the game

  1. Customize your character : Genders, Hairstyle, Face, Costume

  2. Name your character with at least 4 letters without offensive words

  3. Click "OK" button to create the character

3. Prologue: Welcome to Morning Moon Village

You start at your house and the first thing to do is start farming. In order to start farming, you need to own Seed or Stem first.

See details for Seed, Stem, and Farm.

pageSeed & StempageFarm

Understanding Gas Fee before start playing

Morning Moon Village Game is the game that run on Blockchain Technology. All activities in this game happen by completing transactions on Blockchain, and require KUB coin for Gas Fee in each transactions made.

  • For Bitkub Next user, players will receive an amount of Gas Fee Quota per day, and you can play for free

  • For Metamask user, you need to left some KUB in your wallet to be Gas Fee. You can trade KUB coins from the website (other methods are coming soon)

pageHow to Buy KUB & LUMI on Exchanges

3.1 Travel to Wild Zone to find Resources

  1. Walk to the North Left of the Village to go for wild zone called "The Crossing"

2. Every time you leave the village for wild zone, it will cost 1 Lodestone. A lodestone will increase every 2 hours automatically. => Click "ENTER" to enter The Crossing zone.

3. After entry to the wild zone area, you can collect or destroy objects there by click at them. For instance, destroying the stone (1 click = 1 hit) for collecting Rocks resources and destroy obstacle that block the way.

4. Collect Wood resources by cutting tree and log. (1 click = 1 chop). In order to collect wood and rock resources, you will need energy. Every hit cost Energy (at top left corner). If energy is zero, you can do nothing.

5. In wild zone, there will be consumable objects to be collected.

6. Each fruit can be used to increase your energy

7. For this example, suggest that you should collect at least 10 rocks and 10 woods (or one of them at 10)

As you can see, wood resources and rocks resources that we collected will appear in inventory with sandglass, which mean the system are preparing these items. You will receive these resources and able to use them only after you leave the wild zone and come back to the village. (the system will inspect when you click "HOME" button)

8. When you are running out of energy, you can go back to the village by clicking at "HOME" button

9. Click "EXIT" to go home

10. After coming back, you can check the resources in your inventory. The items collected will not appear as sandglass anymore. (please wait for the system for a while)

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3.2 Use Resources to Exchange Seeds

  1. Walk to the south of the village to talk with Uncle Jack.

  2. Select the type of seed that you want to exchange. In this example will be tomato seed (require : 10 woods resources) and Corn seed (require : 10 rocks resources)

3. Click "CONFIRM" to complete the transaction (When the window open up, please recheck the information and click to confirm the transaction)

4. After finish the transaction, you will receive 1 Tomato seed and 1 Corn seed, which will be kept in your inventory in the categories of resources and farm

3.3 Build Seed Farm

Guide : You should have seed at the amount that you satisfy before planting.

  1. Follow the same step as 3.2.1 -> 3.2.4, but select "Tomato Farm" to build

  2. After Farm Built, click "PLANT" to start planting seed.

3. Input the amount of seed you want to plant. In this example will be 1 seed. (You need to own seed first before you can plant)

4. Recheck the information in the pop up window, then click "CONFIRM" to plant -> click "CONFIRM" to finish the transaction.

5. After planting Tomato seed, and sometime has passed, your Tomato Earned will increase and the graphic of Tomato will start growing in your farm.

WARNING!! You have 48 hours to collect the crops before it becomes rotten and will not be able to collect again ever. In case you want to plant more seed, it will be auto harvest. All of seed planted before will be gone and reset to 0.

3.4 Buying Stem for Stem Farming

  1. Click "SHOP" button to open the shop window

2. Click "STEM" to view Stem options

3. For Example, we will buy LKKUB- Stem

  • Click "APPROVE BUY" at LKKUB Stem -> Confirm transaction

  • Click "BUY" at LKKUB Stem -> Buy LKKUB Stem Window will appear

In case you do not have KKUB, you can convert KUB to KKUB by the following method.

pageHow to Convert KUB to KKUB

4. Input amount KKUB you want to pay (2 in example)

5. Review Information and amount of Stem to be received then Click "BUY" to make a transaction Guide: Stem Price can be changed by demand of market and liquidity pool. You can read more about this at Shop -> Stem Price


6. Click "CONFIRM" to complete transaction on smart contract (pay gas fees for Metamask User)

7. After finished the transaction, you will receive LKKUB Stem in your inventory at the categories of resources and farm.

3.5 Start Stem Farming

  1. Click "FARM" to see the farm options

2. Click "BUILD" at Tomato- LKKUB Farm (the second block of Tomato)

3. Select the location to place your farm

4. Press "CONFIRM" to complete the transaction on Blockchain

5. Your farm has been built, Click "STAKE" to start planting Stem

6. Input the amount of Stem you want to stake (2 in example) you can take stem back at anytime

7. Click "CONFIRM" to finish the transaction

8. In Stem Farm, you can collect the crops after sometime they are grown (Tomato Earned)

3.6 Harvest Crops

  1. Select the Farm that you want to harvest.

  2. Click "HARVEST" to collect crops.

  3. Click "CONFIRM" to complete the transaction (in this example, you will receive 200 Tomatoes)

For Seed Farm, after Harvesting, the amount of Seeds planted before will be reset to 0, no matter how long they are planted, and you will receive crops (In this case is Tomato) for the time that seeds have been planted.

CAUTION!! Crops in Seed Farm will be rotten when the time has passed, which mostly will be at 48 hours. The rotten crops will be wasted and useless. The player need to get rid of them or else the system will clear them out automatically after some time.


3.7 Sell Crop to Kyle

  1. Walk to the South west of the village to talk to Kyle.

  2. Input the amount of Crops you want to sell. Each of 1 crop value 0.1 LUMI. (For this case will be 10 Tomatoes)

3. Recheck information and click "CONFIRM" to complete the transaction (The system will collect 5% tax from every time you make a deal with Kyle and keep in village pool)

See details about NPC


3.8 Buy Energy Fruit from The Mayor

  1. Talk to The Mayor at the Exit to the Crossing

  2. Click at items image to view their details and click "+" button to increase the amount you want to play (For instance, we will buy 2 Mangosteen for consuing in Wild Zone)

3. Click "CONFIRM" to complete the transaction -> you will receive the items in your inventory.

View more details about Inventory


3.9 Other Topics

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